Jarmila Smolková, U Střelnice 10, August 8, 2018

“They said we either sell or they will confiscate it. That was in 1965 and I was getting married, so the money actually came in handy.”

Jarmila Smolková was born in a villa on Otáhalova street, where her parents, the Lyčkas, lived for three years immediately after the war. When the original Jewish owners of the house returned, the Lyčkas bought a single family house at U Střelnice 10, which previously belonged to German owners. Mrs. Smolková has two sisters and two brothers. Her father worked as a shop assistant and her mother had a job as a power plant boiler operator. Mrs. Smolková studied in Krnov at a vocational school to become a fabric dyer and she worked for many years at a carpet and clothing dry cleaner company in Opava. In 1992 she opened her own fabric dye shop in her home. Her husband is originally from Opava-Kateřinky and before retirement he was a professional bricklayer. In the interview Mrs. Smolková recalls how her parents had to sell about half of their back yard at U Střelnice 10 to make space for the construction of the three U Opavice apartment buildings. The relationship with the new U Opavice neighbors has not always been congenial but has been improving.