Lenka Štrohalmová and daughter Kateřina , U Opavice 4, August 8, 2018

“The children’s slide at the playground outside; that was our idea.”

The Štrohalms, along with the Boček family, represent the third generation of residents of the U Opavice 4 apartment building. They are among the few residents currently raising small children in the U Opavice apartment blocks, and both young families emphasized the need to enhance the outdoor facilities for children, such as the playground and the swings. Lenka Štrohalmová is 22 years old and studies at the local Silesian University, although at the time of our interview she was on parental leave with her two-year old daughter Katka. Lenka’s husband Petr, who was not at home for the interview, is 25 and works as a supervisor at a local firm. The couple moved to the three-room apartment on the 6th floor one and half year ago. They got the flat from Petr’s mother, who owns two apartments in this building and who herself lives in a flat on the 2nd floor. Petr and Lenka enjoy living here despite occasional issues with noisy neighbors upstairs, which have been mostly resolved. Still, if Lenka could choose she would move to a single-family house with a garden.