Tereza sitting cross-legged on a bed in front of a coral colored wall

Tereza Bočková and son Jonáš, U Opavice 4, August 8, 2018

“Living here feels great. It’s not an anonymous housing development, it feels very home-like. But many people have forgotten they also once had children and what it entails.”

Tereza moved to the two-room flat on the ground floor at U Opavice 4 in 2012, one year after her now husband bought the apartment At the time of the interview she was on a parental leave, but previously she worked as a waitress in Ostrava-Poruba. She and her husband enjoy living here – Tereza is used to living in flats. Yet, their apartment is quite small (only one bedroom) and they are expecting another baby and are actively looking for a larger place. They would like to exchange their current apartment for a bigger one in the same location if possible. They especially appreciate that the U Opavice apartment blocks are not a typical housing development but rather a place surrounded by trees and nature while also close to the city center. Tereza has made friends here, and her son Jonáš calls their neighbor Mrs. Masaříková grandma. Yet, many residents are elderly people and some of them have forgotten what it means to have small children.