Zbyněk Štěrba, August 7, 2018

“We had a beautiful childhood here and I wouldn’t trade it with anybody. This place was unique.”

Zbyněk’s parents moved to their flat in U Opavice 4 when Zbyněk was four and his sister two years old. Mr. Štěrba, his father, worked at Ostroj, but later he found employment at Romo, a company that produced washing machines. Zbyněk’s mother, Mrs. Štěrbová was a middle-school teacher. Zbyněk still lives in Opava, and today he works as a tax consultant. In the interview he recalls his childhood here with enthusiasm. He is grateful to Mr. Lyko, the first head of the Minerva housing coop, as well as to the other coop dads who put much work into creating pleasant surroundings around the apartment buildings and made sure kids had fun here. Zbyněk compares the three U Opavice apartment blocks to two other, much larger housing developments in Opava-Kateřinky and Opava-Kylešovice. He observes that many of the original U Opavice 2-4 residents have stayed and enjoy living here and do not want to leave even for their old age.